SUPER ☆ GiRLS Live Tour 2016 ~ SUPER ★ CASTLE [tweets]

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The Houston Plan

There are important things happening in Houston on February 26-28. Perhaps most importantly, Houston will be the last chance most of us in the US will have to see Suzuki Kanon as part of orning Musume. Houston will also be our first look at the 12th generation. Should Nonaka Miki feel well enough to travel, we will get to see Morning Musume with an English speaking member. As Hello! Project finds its way into more and more international events, we need to savor our chance to see and meet these extraordinary girls.

On this, the Sunday before Morning Musume ’16’s concert in Houston, I think we need to have a strategy plan. More accurately, I’m gonna type a bunch of things that I plan on doing but will probably not do due to the fluidity of the situation. I’ve even gone and created some visual aids to help us in our plans.

As you can see, there are nine events which list Morning Musume ’16 as a feature. Actually, there are ten events if you include the “press only” Press Conference on Saturday at 11:00 AM. Most of us won’t be able to attend that event so I left it off of the agenda.

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Berryz Kobo, Final Live

This is a story told through tweets. I set my alarm for 12:30 AM and spent an emotional 4 hours watching one of my dear Hello! Project groups ride into the sunset (or something like that).

A collection of live tweets from my viewing of the the Berryz Kobo Final Live.

Oh, hey! Thank you, friends, for the link. You know who you are :))

Berryz Ikube, they’ve kept this up for a while now

and then …

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Perfume at the Hollywood Palladium 2014-11-09 [live]

You probably didn’t know this, but when I first started gaining interest in idols, I also started listening to Perfume. The first single I remember them releasing (real time) was “Love the World” in 2008. I don’t mention this because I want you to think I’m some Perfume super fan or to make you feel inferior/superior to my fandom. It just helps to know that Perfume have been on my radar for a fair amount of time.

The group stayed in my view for most of this time. Naturally there were ups and downs in my mania. Perfume’s work during this period remained remarkably consistent. As much as I liked “Love the World”, I was and am equally enamored with “Spring of Life“, “Nee“, and “Fake It“. And, I promised myself that should I ever get the chance to see them live, my head would explode when they performed “Polyrhythm“. I don’t think it’s possible to actually will your head to explode, but between the orgy of lights, sound and the perceptible physical presence of live audio I imagined combustion was a distinct possibility.

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Morning Musume ’14 in NYC [adventures]

I’m writing this preface on October 23, 2014 nearly 3 weeks after the Morning Musume ’14 concert at Best Buy Theater. As typical of my personal fandom, I haven’t had nearly enough time to sit and write for an extended period of time after the summer fades. As the days grow short, I feel an overwhelming need to push this article out into the web-sphere with increasing urgency. You, the reader, will undoubtedly see a few mistakes in my recollection of the details. Remember, this is my personal recollection; I’m not documenting anything more than my personal experiences. If my memories don’t jibe with your memories, if my memories distort or misrepresent the facts, or if I’ve forgotten faces and names, please know my writings are not meant to be malicious, misleading, or misanthropic. Also, you will find very few photographs in this article, as we were asked not to take cell phone photographs during the performance. The few photographs from Morning Musume ’14’s performance are credited, so please visit their website for more great coverage. I dedicate this writing to all of the people I met at the Morning Musume ’14 New York concert and its related festivities. You’re all the best!

Way back in 2009, Morning Musume came to Los Angeles (where I live) to perform at Anime Expo. By 2009, I had been a fan of the group for a couple of years. It would have been the right time to see the group for these and many other reasons. I bought my tickets to the event and prepared myself to attend the concert. Unfortunately, tragedy struck just days ahead of the event, and I necessarily attended the funeral for one of my dear relatives instead of the Morning Musume Anime Expo concert. I’m not bitter about this, but I’ve been left with a gigantic hole in my fandom ever since then.

The Anime Expo concert I didn’t attend

As one can imagine, I was incredibly elated when the announcement of Morning Musume ’14 playing at New York’s Best Buy Theater hit. This concert held a few notes of importance. Firstly, it was the opportunity to see my favorite Ikuta Erina in person. Secondly, this represented my last chance to see Michishige Sayumi, an idol whose importance to me grew over the long years and who is the last holdover from the Platinum Era/MM Anime Expo concert. I instantly knew I would be attending. I experienced some difficulties purchasing tickets to this event- the onsale date coincided with a family vacation that took me to a “no signal” part of the country. With the help of some friends, I managed to secure a ticket to Morning Musume ’14 NYC! I purchased my airline ticket, made arrangements with some friends in Brooklyn to couch surf at their place, and before I knew it I was in New York City on October 4.

The porthole of an airplane denotes travel…

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A Viewing of the “Coupling Collection 2” DVD

My “Coupling Collection 2” posts are not finished! I just spent the last couple of nights viewing the live DVD that accompanies the Box Set. Some real gem performances are included here. Now, if you’re a freak who watches every Morning Musume release, than these performances will be nothing new. But, if you are more casual than that, some of these might be surprising.

starting with Aishite Aishite Ato Ippun

This performance really drives home how much Reina grew as a singer in the last few years. Oh, and of course Sayu got better, too. And gosh, Niigaki performed with so much attitude!
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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu at Club Nokia, Los Angeles 2/16/2014

When an Japanese idol/artist come to Los Angeles, I’m required to attend, aren’t I? When Morning Musume came to Los Angeles in 2009, I bought tickets but couldn’t attend due to a death in the family (such good news, right? At least I gave those tickets to a well deserving person). When AKB48 came the following year, I wasn’t nearly as rabid as I am now, so even though AKB48 were on my radar I unfortunately passed (and have had to live with that decision- punishment enough). But, I did see Mano Erina in 2010 at Club Nokia. AND, the next year I saw SCANDAL at AM2 in Anaheim. Why am I recounting these exploits? Because I need to attend these events whenever possible, and it was possible this past Sunday.

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Hello! Station 26- A Viewer’s Guide

I don’t remember the last time anticipation for a Hello! Station was this intense. As the release date for Morning Musume’s 54th single nears, this anticipation only heightened. Last week, Hello! Station played the dance shot for “Ai no Gundan”. A concert rip of “Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke” appeared following the summer Hello! Project concerts over the weekend. Earlier, Tsunku coyly hinted that the PV for “Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke” would air on H!S 26, then a preview of the PV aired on Japanese television. This morning “staff” tweeted that problems delayed the release of this episode by a few hours. Can you feel the anticipation building? You wanted it; you got it. Continue reading

C-ute Live on YouTube

As an international fan, I love these events. On December 30, ℃-ute’s live at Zepp Fukuoka will be live on YouTube! You can check the official channel on 12/30, 6 PM (JST) or 12/30, 1 AM Los Angeles time (PST) if you live near me.
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