Notes from the Idol PV Couch– Week 19 2017 (0514-0520)

Over at New School Kaidan, I write a few words about some of the recently released promotional videos. At times, this is a bit of a grueling task, and all of my thoughts can get a little scattered when multiple PVs are released on the same day. But, I always try to present the promotional videos in the best light possible, and I try to remember that each of these pieces of entertainment for your a me is actually the manifestation of a dream for some young girl or girls out there in Japan. Here then is a collection of those write-ups, with a few words sometimes added after a week+ of viewing.

Incredibly, we only have on promotional video this week, at it’s from Dorothy Little Happy!

Dorothy Little Happy – FOR YOU

The stark white space of some promotional videos gets to be a bit of eye fatigue. But for Dorothy Little Happy the white serves to contrast the pastel color dresses. With little more than the dresses and flower petals to break up the visual plane, the viewer is forced to focus full attention Takahashi Mari. And, we might as well say it: with Shirito Kana out since February for an undisclosed medical condition, Dorothy Little Happy for the time being is the Takahashi Mari Solo Show. That makes this release a bit odd. To her credit, Mari shines through this live band arranged pop song. With the bass and guitars in the foreground, Takahashi’s sweet voice cuts through and takes center stage in the harmony laden vocals. Even if just for the oddity of duo gone solo, you should give “For You” a listen. “For You / Demo Sayonara (2017 version) goes on sale on May 31, 2017.

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Callme – “To Shine”

If you strip nature to its barest composition, reduce all of its glorious curves and angles to perpendicular black, and simplify hues to primary colors, you would probably produce something that looks like Piet Mondrian’s work. No doubt the Dutch painter’s work crossed through your visual stream once or twice. His compositions and style from the 1920’s became shorthand for modernism in the 1960’s, and now serve as an easy callback to retro futurism.w

My thoughts on Piet Mondrian actually hold some bearing with the idol group Callme! You see, the group’s debut release on March 3, “To Shine” employs serious amounts of Mondrian inspired art and artifacts. But, my manners! We should probably start with Callme themselves. Who is this trio?

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