Kaneko Rie in Weekly Young Jump 2016 no. 12

More fresh faces in my Wednesday series. This time we have Kaneko Rie from The Idol Formerly Known as LADYBABY. I was really trying to fight them off for a while to no avail. These are good some looking girls.

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Ogura Yui in Young Gangan 2017 No.13

The Wednesday series picks up some new faces here with Ogura Yui. Yui’s been in a few groups associated with Up Front, the most notable of which was probably YuiKaori. You know I’ve often though Yui was darn near perfect, and I think I got the pictures to prove it.
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Asakawa Nana Special Photobook in Young Gangan 2016 no. 14

As promised, here is the special photobook of the lovely Asakawa Nana. You know, I really like her smile. I know this is probably not what you were expecting, but Naapon’s smile was the thing that first caught my eye with her …
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