Mizuki shows us no quarter …

There has been a relentless onslaught of disgusting bikinis lately. Yesterday, I was enjoying the new AKB48 single “Sayonara Crawl” – crawling with flower bikinis. Although I should comment that occasionally the flower bikinis look like diapers …


Some tasty “Making of …” video?

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TGS Pic Spam

I may not want to admit it, but Tokyo Girls’ Style is growing up. Don’t get me wrong; they still look like babies. But, now they look like they are getting into their high school years. Considering they are all 15 and 16 year old girls, that should make sense.
I really like this photo set. The mood is nice and airy, and the girls bring out their best sides.
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Brainstorming magazine photos

First off, congratulations to the Morning Musume! There are currently 73,512 people on the dance floor and counting. The drop-off between the first and second day sales was significant, so they will need some great numbers in the coming days to break 100K.

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Qki fun in Hawaii

Summer is almost here. I can feel the sun heat up the city; it’s rays are growing stronger by the day. To help bring us back into the summer state of mind, here are more pictures of the Q-ki enjoying their last visit in Hawaii!

(a good number of these are from pound66 at tumblr. you can tell from the watermark. props to you, sir)

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Morning Musume in Gravure the Television

As the April 17 release date of “Brainstorming/Kiki Sae Irebai Nanimo Iranai” approaches, we are getting magazine shots of the girls for the promotional machine. The girls look great in white. I don’t know, there’s something about spring, girls, and white iridescent cloths.
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Morning Musume in Young Jump Magazine

I love seeing all the “Reborn Morning Musume” hype machine offerings. I’m also sure that the magazine editors just looking at the latest Morning Musume press releases. That’s the way it works in Japan, right?

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