PASSPO☆- Mousou no Hawaii PV

Man, I love Hawaii. Something about the place, the vibe, the islands makes relaxation easy. I also ordering spam and eggs with a side of rice for breakfast at a restaurant. I didn’t think something that simple makes a difference, but it does. I suppose one never really knows how under the yoke of ethnocentrism one is until that yoke is removed. But, this isn’t the internalized racism blog, this is the PASSPO “Mousou no Hawaii” blog.

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PASSPO☆ x Takiron

To tell the truth, I don’t know what is going on here. This is a collaboration between PASSPO and Takiron, that much I know. But, I don’t know much about Takiron. Are they selling something? Are they spokesmodels? What is going on here?

The flight attendants frolic along to their new single “Truly“, which you know I love. At least we can watch the girls out of their uniforms acting all cute. Or, I’ll enjoy it.

Negishi Ai

Fujimoto Yuki

Tamai Anna

Anzai Naomi

Makita Sako

Mori Shiori

Okunaka Makoto

Masui Mio

Iwamura Natsumi

Bonus points: if you play the videos from the bottom of the page up, you’ll get most of “Truly” in order!