Haro!Sute #113 and The Girls Live #65 [tweetstory]

Just a quick warning, I’m pretty sure some of the tweets at the end of this are not from either of the two shows listed. Too bad.
Hello! Station 113

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Toobin #3- Hello! Station 62, The Girls Live 13

Hello Station 62

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Hello! Station 26- A Viewer’s Guide

I don’t remember the last time anticipation for a Hello! Station was this intense. As the release date for Morning Musume’s 54th single nears, this anticipation only heightened. Last week, Hello! Station played the dance shot for “Ai no Gundan”. A concert rip of “Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke” appeared following the summer Hello! Project concerts over the weekend. Earlier, Tsunku coyly hinted that the PV for “Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke” would air on H!S 26, then a preview of the PV aired on Japanese television. This morning “staff” tweeted that problems delayed the release of this episode by a few hours. Can you feel the anticipation building? You wanted it; you got it. Continue reading

Hello! Station 23- A Viewer’s Guide

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of Tsunku growing up a little. In a Young Town interiew Tsunku implies that he sees all of the H!P members as daughters and couldn’t think of them in “that way”. He also notes that the girls’ parents have entrusted their daughters to him implying that Tsunku is in loco parentis.  What does this have to do with Hello! Station?  Nothing.

Hagiwara Mai takes the chair this week fresh from the announcement of her new photobook.  Seeing Mai grow from a young girl in the public eye certainly gives Tsunku’s comments some weight.  If you were around to see MaiMai as a munchkin with gigantic sunglasses, then you know it’s difficult to see her as anything more than the beautiful young woman into which she has grown. Continue reading

Hello! Station #21 – A Viewer’s Guide

This 21st edition of Hello! Project Station brings us S/mileage’s Takeuchi Akari for host. Take-chan was one of my initial favorites from the S/mileage second generation auditions, but my favoritism was based mainly on her experience as an Egg. For a while, I got a little bored with her and her wild singing voice. Her performance in “Yattaruchan” brought my opinion of her up a little.
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Hello! Station 16- a Viewer’s Guide

Another week of Nakanishi Kana! This edition is packed with performances, and like last week, Kanana keeps the action coming at a decent pace. These performances seem to all come from Hello! Project’s recent Premium Live at Hibiya.
Opening to Hibiya premium live. Not much to say.

5:05 things get rolling with the new Kenshuusei/Juice single. I didn’t expect Continue reading

Hello! Station 12 – A Viewer’s Guide

Thhis week’s host is again Michishige Sayumi, and is particularly heavy on the Morning Musume- for obvious reasons. Sayu gives a shout out and a thank you for (“Brainstorming/Kimi Sae …” success on the Oricon charts. 94, 037 people on the dance floor y’all!
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Hello Station 9: a Viewer’s Guide

Let’s face facts: if you don’t speak Japanese (I don’t) or don’t have much patience, you probably won’t sit through a show like “Hello! Station”.  It would be nice if someone out there pointed out the interesting parts of the show.  I always wonder why no one has done this before.  I suppose it’s my turn to provide some usefulness.

Note, the links are to the same video from the official Hello! Project Station YouTube channel (you’re going to see Nakky’s face a lot).  I just went ahead and forwarded the video to different highlights.  Obviously, I can’t translate anything and my choices for highlights are highly subjective.  I promise to  make an effort in showing most (if not all) of the segments.  Please, watch the parts in which you are interest, and don’t feel guilty about skipping whatever you don’t like.


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