Who is Q’ulle?

After endlessly looping Hello! Project videos all week, I need a change of pace. This gives me a perfect opportunity to write a little about Q’ulle. If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen me tweeting that Q’ulle is an early favorite for Best New Group 2015. I also got a fair amount of death threats for making Country Girls Uta cry, but that’s another story. As much as I’ve been loving that other new group, Q’ulle came out of nowhere! It’s April 6 as I’m writing this and the group already released two stand out singles- January’s “mic check one two” and March’s “Monster”, have a third single, “Heartbeat” awaiting release in May, and an album, “Q’ & A – Q’ulle and Answer” set for release in June. That’s a superhuman pace- I’d be surprised if they can keep up with themselves!

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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu at Club Nokia, Los Angeles 2/16/2014

When an Japanese idol/artist come to Los Angeles, I’m required to attend, aren’t I? When Morning Musume came to Los Angeles in 2009, I bought tickets but couldn’t attend due to a death in the family (such good news, right? At least I gave those tickets to a well deserving person). When AKB48 came the following year, I wasn’t nearly as rabid as I am now, so even though AKB48 were on my radar I unfortunately passed (and have had to live with that decision- punishment enough). But, I did see Mano Erina in 2010 at Club Nokia. AND, the next year I saw SCANDAL at AM2 in Anaheim. Why am I recounting these exploits? Because I need to attend these events whenever possible, and it was possible this past Sunday.

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Station bounces balls

Admittedly, I don’t know much about Station. They where train conductor’s hats. This would indicate their theme as “trains” (much like Passpo is themed “airplanes”). What I know about Station is that this video is adorbs. In fact, I might try this myself, one day. Enjoy.

Thanks to @RockLiao for the link! Be sure to check out more at New School Kaidan … I’m a regular reader/listener!