J-Pop Summit Report – Tokyo Performance Doll 20160723

Tokyo Performance Doll

The continuation of Tokyo Performance Doll visited in San Francisco for a date with the eighth J-Pop Summit. The performances on this weekend held special importance as the late-July weekend would mark the US debut for the storied idol group. The nine girls probably had the most difficult schedule of all performers as they juggled duties as both Tokyo Performance Doll- the idol group, and Tokyo Performance Domo- the NHK World ambassadors. Whether or not the general festival attendees were aware, everyone heard TPD’s “Tokyo Performance Domo” song on repeat. In fact, during one TPD appearance at NHK, the song blasted over the main stage loud speakers 100 yards away as the group prepared to perform the song live. How did the girls of Tokyo Performance Doll fare with J-Pop Summit? Continue reading

J-Pop Summit Report – World Order 20160724

world order jpop summit concert report

You know World Order. They’re the ones wearing suits and ties while performing that strange choreography. Maybe you saw them in some “weird Japan” slanted story. Most likely you thought World Order knew maybe two or three moves (including a mean robot), and then they did something that blew you away.

World Order’s beginnings date back to 2009 when mixed martial artist Genki Sudo Continue reading

J-Pop Summit Report – Kyary Pamyu Pamyu at the Regency Ballroom 20160722

KPP concert report 20160722

Five years is a long time. Maybe that should read “5ive Years”, because Kyary Pamyu Pamyu brought her “5ive Years Monster World Tour 2016” to San Francisco on July 22. Like the tour name implies, Kyary celebrated her five year career with inimitable style, fashion, and music on a worldwide scale.

One her third trip to the States, Kyary brought a stage setting more elaborate than anything she had brought before. Fluorescent prop pieces decorated the stage, transforming the Regency Ballroom into a psychedelic forest right out of the pages of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures. Oversized flower petals opened into a DJ setup upstage, while flowers and stone arrangements adorned the wings.

Although I arrived a bit later than comfortable, I found myself just in time for the main show. The lights dimmed suddenly and Continue reading