Hello! Pro Kenshuusei – “Ten Made Nobore”

Let’s get it out of the way: this is a low budget PV. There is nothing to see here other than the girls in a white cyc dancing. Nope, not even a dance shot/one shot PV! And for plot- forget about it. Giving the trainee unit a “better” PV is probably a waste of precious resource. This does seem to be the start of something bigger, though. Hello! Project Kenshuusei (trainees) never got their own song before, let alone a PV. Since the PV we’re looking at is the “Zero-edit version”, a proper PV should be a few days away.
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Hello! Station 20 – A Viewer’s Guide

This is a change. From all I’ve been reading on twitter, Hello! Station #20 episode is packed with PVs! Well, I’ll be writing a long form review for two of the PV’s in this episode, so don’t expect more than a few words in this viewer guide. Continue reading

Morning Musume get creamed

It’s just good clean fun as the girls get messy.
Kanon leads Haruka into her birthday surprise like a Judas goat.  Then Riho and Eripon drag the bewildered girl into the room and prep her for the massacre.  Not that the protective gear mattered.  By the end of the video, all the girls are covered in foam.  Extra points for Oda Sakura getting huggy and Haruka’s “Nani?! Nani?!”

There are also two other girls involved who I can’t ID.  Help?  Anyone?

Lots of fun.  An A+ watch, for sure!