The ℃-ute PV retrospective #7

We’ve reached the plateau of ℃-ute’s commercial success. The three singles in today’s installment work together as a trilogy and each sold over 60K. That used to be an unheard of number of sales for a Hello! Project group that didn’t contain a Morning Musume member. Honestly, there is nothing negative to say about any of these six songs, and you probably have a favorite locked up somewhere in this 7th retrospective. So, let’s get on with it!

Kanashiki Amefuri

Welcome to the land of double and triple A-side releases. From here on out, Hello! Project weapon of choice became the use of multiple A-sides with “Kanashiki Amefuri” and “Adam to Eve no Dilemma” being the first ℃-ute single to pack ’em in. Also, H!P began their subtitle policy with these PVs, so enjoy reading. Starting with this release, the group really started to look the part of the mature songs they were singing. There’s nothing particularly “loli” about the group any longer. Now, there are three things here that really heighten my appreciation for great rain you see. Firstly, I grew up with a love of Gene Kelly and the great American Movie Musical, and I perceive this as more of “Singing in the Rain” (I know, it’s a reach). Second, Yajima Maimi’s reputation as a rain bringing woman falls in line perfectly with “Kanashiki Amefuri”. Finally, I don’t know if it’s the split screens, the water hose rain drops, or the arrangement of the “oooh, aaah” background vocals but this single always struck me with a 1970s vibe that I kinda dig. Ya dig? Continue reading