A Viewing of the “Coupling Collection 2” DVD

My “Coupling Collection 2” posts are not finished! I just spent the last couple of nights viewing the live DVD that accompanies the Box Set. Some real gem performances are included here. Now, if you’re a freak who watches every Morning Musume release, than these performances will be nothing new. But, if you are more casual than that, some of these might be surprising.

starting with Aishite Aishite Ato Ippun

This performance really drives home how much Reina grew as a singer in the last few years. Oh, and of course Sayu got better, too. And gosh, Niigaki performed with so much attitude!
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Hello! Station 18- A Viewer’s Guide

Honey is back for her second week! Highlights this week are the premiere of S/mileage’s “Yattaruchan” (which I really like) and a metric ton of backstage footage from the Hello! Project concerts. Let’s get started! Continue reading

Q-ki Photobook Handshakes

File under “Events I didn’t attend because I don’t live in Japan”

It’s no secret that I ADORE the Morning Musume 9th generation. Because of this, I keep track of their activities, like the Handshake event at Fuke Bookstore (the Shinjuku Subnard Store). I envy each and every one of the attendees. This is just one more event where I didn’t get to see the lovely Eripon and the rest of the Q-ki. Here are a few more of the images from the event.
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Hello! Farm Hands

Satoyama Life had coverage of a women only event featuring the Satoyama groups (DIY, Peaberry, Harvest and Green Fields). This makes for a very interesting watch.   The video here literally begins with a bus rolling into the farm and ends with the same bus rolling out under darkness.  The fans get very close to the girls and work alongside them in the farm and in the kitchen.  This leads up to a dinner where they eat the fruits of their labor and watch performances from the aforementioned groups.  Here’s a list of some of my favorite moments:

0:45 – Ayacho has a big carrot …
1:45 – It’s like the girls have never eaten an apple before
2:50 – Maimi cuts noodles with a gigantic blade
3:25 – Riho doesn’t know how to light a lighter
4:35 – Eripon chops wood and Kanon whittles
5:35 – performances



I’m going to start with the Eripon unit (because it has Eripon, duh). We got wind of the new Satoyama units last week, including this unit, HARVEST, and GREEN FIELDS. HARVEST’s lineup is Ikuta Erina, Ishida Aymumi, Sato Masaki (all three from Morning Musume), and Takeuchi Akari (S/mileage). We haven’t heard anything yet, but these four have performed together before during the 2012 Hello! Project concerts. There is a nice bit of film during an outdoor photo shoot. This preview video has lots of Eripon as the main talker; I suppose that she would be the leader of this unit, having the most seniority among the members. Even though Take-chan was an Egg since 2008 (prior to joining S/mileage), I believe that seniority only began when she joined a main group. Being a Satoyama group, they are outfitted like farmer girls (I guess) with their straw hats and plaid shirts. Also in the video, Take-chan makes a big announcement that catches the Morning Musume girls off guard.
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Morning Musume … eat some noodles

I think this happened a while ago …. The Pyoko Pyko Ultra Morning Musume lineup had a Wanko Soba eating contest. As you may know, I’m a sucker for these kinds of videos. They look like they are having a lot of fun, albeit a competitive kind of fun. Not to mention, this looked like it was probably an important team building activity. And really, who hasn’t had an eating contest with their friends? I won’t spoil the results for you, of course. Please watch the video yourself.

Then there were these pictures from the event …
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