Who is Q’ulle?

After endlessly looping Hello! Project videos all week, I need a change of pace. This gives me a perfect opportunity to write a little about Q’ulle. If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen me tweeting that Q’ulle is an early favorite for Best New Group 2015. I also got a fair amount of death threats for making Country Girls Uta cry, but that’s another story. As much as I’ve been loving that other new group, Q’ulle came out of nowhere! It’s April 6 as I’m writing this and the group already released two stand out singles- January’s “mic check one two” and March’s “Monster”, have a third single, “Heartbeat” awaiting release in May, and an album, “Q’ & A – Q’ulle and Answer” set for release in June. That’s a superhuman pace- I’d be surprised if they can keep up with themselves!

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Country Musume are NOW!

Talk about a surprise attack! Just when all I thought the Country Musume auditions were over with no winners, Hello! Project surprise me with the news of a new unit. The revival of Country Musume will be called Country Girls (a name fully in English). Country Girls make their formal debut on January 2 with Country Musume Satoda Mai playing General Manager and Berryz Kobo’s Tsugunaga Momoko as “Playing Manager” until her activities with the Berryz concludes. When the appointed day for BK arrives, Momoko will bring Momochi to the Country Girls full time. Footage of the new girls as Mai ambushes them with news of their acceptance aired on the November 5 episode of “Hello! Station”.

Well, we know Tsugunaga Momoko and Satoda Mai. Who are these new girls?

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