Morning Musume ’15 – “Oh My Wish!” [PV]

Before you get anything accomplished with this song, you need to scream out loud “Damn! This is Suzuki Kanon and Kudo Haruka’s song!”

The lead track from Morning Musume 59th single immediately hits with Zukki on the first scene. This is Suzuki Kanon after her weight loss campaign putting herself out there, and H!P staff seem happy to oblige. Now, I’m not a dieting blog, and I really never minded Zukki playing the chubby character. But, the pathos is real. Naturally, I support any positive health decisions the girls make, this one included. As for her talents, Suzuki Kanon’s voice hung in the corner of the closet for a long time as a well-known secret weapon. Without enough opportunity to receive showcase, her vocals just hung there wasted. I guess her new body convinced the upstairs gentlemen that Morning Musume ’15 won’t get tagged as a “chubby girl idol group”
with Kanon out in the front.

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Haro!Sute #112 and The Girls Live #64 [tweetstory]

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Morning Musume ’15 “Yuugure wa Ameagari” [PV]

Morning Musume ’15 rounds out their April 15, 2015 triple A-side release with the Tsunku composition “Yuugure wa Ameagari”. Like the bittersweet “Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe“, the grandmaster of Hello! Project fills this song with equal parts sorrow and hope, rain and sun, death and rebirth.

Starting with a solo piano.

The trees, they grow so high

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Morning Musume ’15 “Seishun Kozo ga Naiteiru” [PV]

Morning Musume ’15 “Seishun Kozou ga Naiteiru” [PV]

A tough as nails supporter cheers you on toward your goals. It’s a fight, it’s a battle, and the rewards are unspoken and perhaps uncertain. The new Morning Musume ’15 PV certainly gives an impression of a pugilistic bombardment. It’s an uphill battle to get to … an adolescent boy’s crush? Oh, no. Certainly, you can read whatever rewards you like at the end of your struggle, regardless of what the lyrics tell you.

PonPon welcomes you to the Kyuukie era Morning Musume.

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Morning Musume ’15 – “Ima Koko Kara” [PV]

The Morning Musume X Anime crossover you were clamoring for finally arrived. Morning Musume ’15’s first release of the year, and 58th release overall, is the triple A-side “Seishun Kozo ga Naiteiru / Yuugure wa Ameagari / Ima Koko Kara”. As part of the triple A-side, “Ima Koko Kara” will be used in the latest Pretty Cure movie, “Pretty Cure All Stars: Haru no Carnival”. I think providing closing credits/insert song to a well-established anime franchise can only bring great things to the group. Wisely, Pretty Cure appeals to young girls (so I’m told), which could bring a windfall of new girl fans to the group. That said, I am squarely a Morning Musume fan, so I find the addition of Pretty Cure anime cuts in the PV a bit distracting. A necessary distraction, but still a distraction.

Mysterious shots of as yet unnamed Morning Musume ’15 members start off the PV.

Oda Sakura hopes she gets a good spot near the center.

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Christmas idol heaven part 2- Young Gangan number 24

(Suda Akari from SKE 48)

The Christmas gifts keep coming from Young Gangan! This time we get a proper Santa Claus themed photo spread featuring idols from across the spectrum. I don’t really know what to say. Maybe I’m just in a good mood, or maybe the Christmas spirit got into my heart. Either way, I hope you enjoy this great idol feature!

(Fukumura Mizuki from Morning Musume)

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Tweets about Sayumi’s Graduation [live tweets]

I haven’t done one of these for a while …
These tweets do a decent job of telling how I spent the EARLY morning of November 26- Michishige Sayumi’s graduation from Morning Musume. I don’t want to editorialize too much; hopefully the raw emotion of the night will come through. If nothing else, I think there are some great screen caps from the graduation.

Now, as you will read, my stream crapped out on me on several key moments. Lucky for me, this means I get to rewatch the whole thing again! You can tell when I’m getting frustrated with my internet, which is a little bit embarrassing.

I also want to acknowledge the Twitter community. I felt like I was watching the graduation with everyone who was awake and watching at the time. We had an emotional rollercoaster of a night, and I’m glad I had company. You all are great!

MOST IMPORTANT- I’d like to thank the SKE48 channel that decided to break international laws and stream the graduation. Good job!

(P.S. If you’re not following me on twitter, maybe these tweets will incentivize you? FOLLOW ME!)

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Morning Musume 12th Gen fight back in Young Gangan Magazine volume 23 ! [magazine]

[note: As of publishing, the latest photos of the new generation of Hello! Project are linked for each girl. Please, check out the new girls! (Be sure to see Ozeki Mai’s new hairdo and Inaba Manaka’s tied updo)]

I definitely have a problem. One minute, Morning Musume 12th generation, (Ogata Haruna, Nonaka Miki, Haga Akane, and Makino Maria) look to be the head of the new class or Hello! Project idols. The next minute, I look at Country Girls (Yamaki Risa, Inaba Manaka, Morito Chisaki, Shimamura Uta, and Ozeki Mai) and decide that THEY are the best new class. And, don’t forget about S/mileage third generation (Sasaki Rikako, Murota Mizuki, and Aikawa Maho)! There are so many new girls in Hello! Project for 2015, how’s a wota supposed to choose favorites?
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Morning Musume 12th Generation Results

This is just a quick update to get my thoughts out there. Morning Musume announced the 12th generation a few hours ago, and I don’t think I can let a momentous announcement like that go by without at least a nickel in thoughts. This is now the third generation of Morning Musume that I have witnessed at their induction. I certainly think that the buzz surrounding this group of girls surpassed that of the tenth and eleventh generations. That might just be my personal feelings, but it seems the time is right for a shake up. With Sayumi leaving in a couple of months, the girls could use a shot in the arm. The excitement and the new blood will definitely do the group good! We can now look forward to our first pairing, the first clique, and the first tiff!

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