Team Syachihoko -“Chèrie!” [PV]

Sometimes, a promotional video needs to do very little to capture my attention. Let’s take Team Syachihoko’s “Cherie” PV for example. The PV consists almost solely of shots of the five girls of Team Syachihoko in and around Harajuku performing their choreography in a range of outfits. There are no trick shots, there is no narrative, and little more variety than Akimoto Honoka, Ito Chiyuri, Sakamoto Haruna, Sakura Nao, and Oguro Yuzuki split screened together.

… and then there’s the QR codes.

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Team Syachihoko “Shampoo Hat” [PV]

Do you know what a shampoo hat is? I didn’t. I don’t know if we didn’t have them when I was young out of neglect, lack of knowledge, or if my parents were too broke buy something ultimately deemed mostly unnecessary. Since babies seem to be greatly distressed by the thought of shampoo in their eyes, I suppose a shampoo hat might make a bit of sense. Really though, I would probably be a hard ass and refuse to buy one for my future progeny.

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