PASSPO x SoftBank [cm]

What we have today are two commercials for SoftBank featuring Negishi Ai, Okunaka Makoto, and Anzai Naomi from PASSPO. You might know SoftBank from their other wacky, popular commercials featuring celebraties and nonsensical situations (this recent CM features Hashimoto Kanna and the dog dad). Hopefully, these commmercials are indicative of PASSPO’s rising popularity … right? Whatever. More PASSPO in the public sphere is a good thing. The commercials, released about a week ago, proves uncanny in its timing as I just finished watching a documentary on NHK about Godzilla and other Tokusatsu titled “Godzilla’s 60th Anniversary The Amazing World of Japanese Special Effects“. Of course, anything that features Maccochan kicking creepy crab-faced bad guys is good news for me.

Here’s one that’s about T-Points, whatever those are

And here’s another one about saving unused data like they were rollover minutes (remember those?).

They’re pretty fun, right?

Passpo- Perfect Sky

This post is going to first in a series I’m calling “Late to the Party”, where I write about songs and topics that are not exactly fresh. First up: PASSPO’s “Perfect Sky” release from March 26, 2014. It’s not that old, but I haven’t written about it, yet. So here goes nothing!

This is probably a strange question to begin a review of a pop song, but I’ll ask it regardless: what is a song? What does it represent, and to whom does the song speak? Is the song meant for us the listeners, or the writers, musicians, and performers? I know these are strange questions, and the average consumer probably doesn’t take the time to consider these things. Not only that, the truth behind these questions probably changes from song to song and from listener to listener.

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Okunaka Makoto “Good bye my life” Photobook

This is my care package part 2 post (you can read part 1A here and part 1B here)

This is my third photobook purchase featuring Makocchan, so I still have a complete set. I wonder what it is about her that compels me buy. She’s not the best at anything idol related: I can think of many more attractive, more talented, and more interesting idols just off the top of my head (including some girls in her own group!). Makoto is little, cute, and has a childlike quality to her. She reminds me of the shy girl who sits in the back of class, but who everyone knows is strange. This character is difficult to sell. I’ve always believed that if PASSPO had girls with more traditional idol qualities they would sell better. But, then again they wouldn’t be PASSPO, right?

Not to say that she isn’t GORGEOUS…

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PASSPO☆- Mousou no Hawaii PV

Man, I love Hawaii. Something about the place, the vibe, the islands makes relaxation easy. I also ordering spam and eggs with a side of rice for breakfast at a restaurant. I didn’t think something that simple makes a difference, but it does. I suppose one never really knows how under the yoke of ethnocentrism one is until that yoke is removed. But, this isn’t the internalized racism blog, this is the PASSPO “Mousou no Hawaii” blog.

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PASSPO☆ x Takiron

To tell the truth, I don’t know what is going on here. This is a collaboration between PASSPO and Takiron, that much I know. But, I don’t know much about Takiron. Are they selling something? Are they spokesmodels? What is going on here?

The flight attendants frolic along to their new single “Truly“, which you know I love. At least we can watch the girls out of their uniforms acting all cute. Or, I’ll enjoy it.

Negishi Ai

Fujimoto Yuki

Tamai Anna

Anzai Naomi

Makita Sako

Mori Shiori

Okunaka Makoto

Masui Mio

Iwamura Natsumi

Bonus points: if you play the videos from the bottom of the page up, you’ll get most of “Truly” in order!


Do you even know how much I like PASSPO? I don’t exactly know what it is about this group, but sometimes listening to their singles brings a tear to my eye. At their best, I find them an inspiring breath of fresh air in the idol world. Their “gimmick”, the flight attendant angle, which really doesn’t extend to much more than the styling of their outfits and the specific PASSPO nomenclature, doesn’t tell the full story of this group. In other words, they are not defined by their gimmick. For me this is the best of the idol world- cheering on a group of “B Class Idols” as they fight their uphill battle for relevancy. Continue reading

PASSPO – “Step and Go”

Do you like your idols with CG graphics? Have I got the PV for you. PASSPO’s “Step and Go” has the “B class idols” (See Shaku-Uma TV) in a variety of CG scenarios, like they are components of video games. In fact, at some point, they literally become a video game!
We are told that MioMio designed the outfits for “Step and Go”, so she rightfully gets a spot in center for most of this PV. The video begins with the girls on a boat that veers wildly and transforms into an airship to avoid certain destruction via waterfall.
Some map reading

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PASSPO – Candy Room PV

I know it has been a while since I posted anything substantial. My other responsibilities took its toll on both my time and my mental strength. It’s the same for all of you, I’m sure.
The real shame here was my inability to write about some great PVs that were released! I’m making a real effort to catch up with these releases starting with PASSPO.
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