Hello! Pro Kenshuusei – “Ten Made Nobore”

Let’s get it out of the way: this is a low budget PV. There is nothing to see here other than the girls in a white cyc dancing. Nope, not even a dance shot/one shot PV! And for plot- forget about it. Giving the trainee unit a “better” PV is probably a waste of precious resource. This does seem to be the start of something bigger, though. Hello! Project Kenshuusei (trainees) never got their own song before, let alone a PV. Since the PV we’re looking at is the “Zero-edit version”, a proper PV should be a few days away.
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Hello! Station 20 – A Viewer’s Guide

This is a change. From all I’ve been reading on twitter, Hello! Station #20 episode is packed with PVs! Well, I’ll be writing a long form review for two of the PV’s in this episode, so don’t expect more than a few words in this viewer guide. Continue reading

Hello! Station 18- A Viewer’s Guide

Honey is back for her second week! Highlights this week are the premiere of S/mileage’s “Yattaruchan” (which I really like) and a metric ton of backstage footage from the Hello! Project concerts. Let’s get started! Continue reading

Hello! Station 16- a Viewer’s Guide

Another week of Nakanishi Kana! This edition is packed with performances, and like last week, Kanana keeps the action coming at a decent pace. These performances seem to all come from Hello! Project’s recent Premium Live at Hibiya.
Opening to Hibiya premium live. Not much to say.

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Hello! Station 15 – A Viewer’s Guide

This week, we get Nakanishi Kana as our host.  You don’t know her?  I’m not totally surprised: she’s a part of the new S/mileage and is NOT named “Dracula”.  Kana gets the action going quickly with a performance of “Uchouten Love” by S/mileage.  I haven’t seen much of the new lineup performing this song- still too much feels.  I suppose watching this will be therapeutic.  Too be fair, they do a great job with this song, although I wish I got my Kanyon closeups! Continue reading

Juice=Juice in “SA-MI-DA-RE Girls It’s Crazy”

While I was sleeping, we got a new PV from Juice=Juice. You remember them, the ones who had that song with the saxophone that drove me crazy. The ones with H!P Jesus a.k.a. DWEEB in front. This time, we get “SA-MI-DA-RE Girls It’s Crazy” a song that isn’t really all that crazy. You can tell from the screenshot above that the PV starts all “Naichau Kamo” with the water droplets descending down a sheet of glass.
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Juice=Juice in UTB vol. 214

Fresh from the relative success of their debut single “Watashi ga …“, we have three members of the group featured in UTB magazine vol. 204. Miyamoto Karin, Otsuka Aina, and Uemura Akari sport their member colors in this colorful shoot. They definitely look cute! Note the knee socks and the member color shoes.
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I don’t know why I didn’t expect this PV, but here is Juice=Juice’s “Watashi ga Iu Mae ni Dakeshimenakya ne”.  Roughly translated, this song is about preemptive hugs.  My opinions of the song has not really changed- crappy sax line, a bit too simplistic, good presence from the girls, MOAR KARIN.  Terada’s declaration of Ju=Ju as a mature sounding group puzzled me as well.  Let’s see how these mature 14 year-old girls are going in the PV!

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Juice=Juice preview

The group is Juice=Juice.  The song is Watashi ga iu Mae ni Dakishimenakya ne

I have no admit, I’m not very impressed with the instrumentals of this song.  That saxophone is the corniest thing I have heard in a while.  It sounds like a chicken clucking obnoxiously.  Even without sexy sax man, the song doesn’t off much more than the girls in their first release.  Sure, it’s an energetic number, but I don’t think the chorus is catchy enough to overcome the my hate for this saxophone.  I hope no one at H!P is equating “mature” with “saxophone”, ’cause I’m gonna cut someone if all of their releases “feature” a sax.  Have I made myself clear?

Luckily the girls sound great.  Despite the nerves of their first performance as a unit, they already sound like a solid unit.  Let’s give them better material, OK?  Looking for more Juice, less sax.

(Gin and ) Juice=Juice


The pace seems to be quickening.  We just heard of the formation of this unit a couple of weeks ago, and we already have some big news.  Firstly, check out the picture of the new unit “Juice=Juice”.  I can’t yet associate all their names and faces (we are all just learning), but I do know that Karin is fourth from the left and looks extremely cute.  This looks to me like an off-shot since the lighting is uncontrolled.  Juice=Juice are already looking like a unit.

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