Be Kind, (Promotional Video) Rewind – 20170108 to 20170114

Over at New School Kaidan, I write a few words about some of the recently released promotional videos. This is a collection of those write-ups, with a few words sometimes added after a week+ of viewing.

A huge push of promotional videos were released on this week, so this week’s Rewind is broken up into two installments. This week we have Promotional videos from: PASSPO☆, Niji no Conquistador, Rock a Japonica, RINNE HIP (Rewind+ Exclusive), E Ticket Production feat. Shiina Pikarin (Rewind+ Exclusive), and E Ticket Production feat. Yoshida Rinne (Rewind+ Exclusive)

PASSPO☆ – PlayGround

What kind of monster would feed poor Masui Mio a zombie virus cocktail while she watches her in-flight movie?! Oh, her group mate Naomi would do it. From their forthcoming album “Cinema Trip“, PASSPO☆ does a zombie flick in an airplane. The girls play great undead stewardesses in “PlayGround” while picking up and sending up dance moves from your favorite zombie-themed music video. The dance rock groove proves undeniable, and I found myself impulsively shook. PASSPO☆ is smack in the middle of a bit of a rejuvenation period right now; band PASSPO☆ continues strong and idol PASSPO☆ continue to find new life as the girls are all in the great beyond of “over 20”. Personally, I think “Cinema Trip” is poised to become one of the group’s best albums with an outstanding track list comprising of the their singles since their move to Crown Records. You can buy “Cinema Trip” when it hits record stores on February 15, 2017.

Rewind +

I gotta tell ya, I’ve watched this PV a bunch of times since first reviewing it. Owing partly to my love of zombie movies, partly to my adoration of Masui Mio, and partly to the screwball concept of it all, “PlayGround” is easily the most entertaining PV on this list. The chorus is every bit the monster in the lyrics. Again maybe it’s just me, but there’s something kinda sexy going on here. Don’t tell my mom I said that.
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Beauty Shots

Some very artistic photographs of various idols were recently brought to my attention. These all come from the website Beauty News Tokyo. I don’t know anything about the website other than the pretty models they use! So are you ready?

We start with Super Girls’s Goto Aya. This looks to me like it was ripped from Akira. You know the part with all the stuffed animals?
 photo GotoAyaSuperGirls01_zps938f9265.jpg
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