Happy Valentine’s Day 2014

I’m usually very bitter on this day. I refuse to celebrate love just because “the man” tells me that I should spend more money. I refuse to celebrate love because Hallmark needed to right their account books between Christmas and Easter.
However, I will celebrate a lovely set of pictures from Hello! Project. Here are the girls of MoBeKiSuJu. Fun facts: (a) look at Sayumi’s Valentine Card and see for yourself! (b) Mizuki’s vertical stripes are at their limit, (c) Miyabi’s horizontal stripes are barely affected, (d)as a group C-ute are also really good at drawing, (e) Airi drew Suu san again, (f) Kanyon looks AMAZING, and (g) Uemu looks like the cutest bully I’ve ever seen.
Morning Musume ’14
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This Week in Eripon (02022014-02082014)

Have you visited the Morning Musume Kyuukie blog? If you’re following the girls closely, they upload very regularly on the site. You get a good look at the Morning Musume behind the scenes.

For a while, I was uploading photos daily, but it got to be more work than I could deal with. I’m going to narrow scope and focus on Ikuta Erina (because she’s the best- opinion laden statement). Rather than posting everyday, I’ll post a weekly compilation from her blog on (hopefully) Saturday morning.

Man, this girl posts a selfie every day!

Here’s the week that was Eripon Feb. 2 through Feb. 8.

Twin Tail Day! Morning Musume in Twin Tails!

Then, a strange picture? Who’s providing the hair? I’m guessing Ayumi because of the color.

2 shots with Suzuki Kanon and Fukumura Mizuki. Man, I don’t like that makeup job.

Cake time in celebration for the 4th consecutive #1

Eripon gets an autographed picture from Oha Girl Chu Chu Chu. I wonder if they consider her their senpai? They should.

White turtleneck. Mint top.

Like a flashback. (I don’t really need to comment on all of these, do I?)

Kanon looks scared to receive the kisses. A very strange reaction.