Babymetal – Burning Down the House

Like the divine wind blown from the Fox God’s nostrils, Babymetal blustered into Los Angeles on their world tour in support of their second album “Metal Resistance”. I was very fortunate to catch Babymetal on their last visit to the City of Angels in 2014, and the Fox God smiled upon me again with tickets to this July 15, 2016 performance. From that performance, Babymetal’s reputation incredibly grew into the worldwide phenomenon that even my mother acknowledges. This time around, I took @KsLeep9391 and another friend with me to experience Babymetal. Now, although I didn’t write about it I had a great time at the Fonda Theater in 2014. Needless to say, I anticipated another performance from the one-time Sakura Gakuin Heavy Metal Club.

I arrived in line at the Wiltern Theater at around 6:00 pm. This is much earlier than I would ever arrive for a typical concert at the venue. General admission tickets for a group with a crazy fandom warrants a “better-safe-than-sorry” attitude. The VIP line extended to the west and around the corner of the venue’s grand entrance, while the regular line made its way east wrapping around the corner. I took a few minutes to visit with twitter friends @Flypflop, @boykunnn, and @tenkeiwlfrye in the VIP line before I made it to the end of the regular line. I’m a regular guy.

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2014 Single of the Year!

Do you know what gives me a hard time? End-of-the year lists. For someone like me, who likes and tries to find value in the littlest of things, every decision involves a heart wrenching choice. Regardless, my idol friends on Twitter (you know who you are) provided me with enough motivation to attempt an end of the year list of idol releases. I agreed to this undertaking for a couple of reasons. Firstly, this undertaking provides me the motivation to look and listen at a wide cross-section of idol music. Lots of idol groups have been popping up of late, and without this project I feel like I was missing many groups that I would love.

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Sakura Gakuin – “My Graduation Toss”

This is strange territory for me.  I don’t actually know much about Sakura Gakuin.  From what I have gathered, they are all middle school students or younger and are under Universal Music in Japan (making them not independent idols).  I first heard of the group through their subgroup BABYMETAL (an odd mixture of idol and metal, as the name implies).  I’ll probably be talking more about BABYMETAL in the future, since I think it’s a stellar group.  Nakamoto Suzuka is graduating from Sakura Gakuin, and this is her send-off into the high school!  The song is fun, filled with exuberance, and sends Su-metal off with a burst of joy.  If you are tired of the electro-sounds of Morning Musume, this song is definitely for you.  It’s filled with live instruments playing a poppy rock sound that sounds refreshing in the current idol scene.

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