Hello! Station 20 – A Viewer’s Guide

This is a change. From all I’ve been reading on twitter, Hello! Station #20 episode is packed with PVs! Well, I’ll be writing a long form review for two of the PV’s in this episode, so don’t expect more than a few words in this viewer guide. Continue reading

Hello! Station 16- a Viewer’s Guide

Another week of Nakanishi Kana! This edition is packed with performances, and like last week, Kanana keeps the action coming at a decent pace. These performances seem to all come from Hello! Project’s recent Premium Live at Hibiya.
Opening to Hibiya premium live. Not much to say.

5:05 things get rolling with the new Kenshuusei/Juice single. I didn’t expect Continue reading

Hello Station 14 – A Viewer’s Guide

I know I shouldn’t, but I feel a little bad that I didn’t get this out yesterday. I know the ten people reading this are probably super-bummed out that I’m late on the viewer’s guide and had to watch the whole episode. Cruelty, right?

Anyways, we get another week of Captain at the helm, so let’s enjoy, eh?
First we get some Berryz Koubou performing their new single “Golden Chinatown”. The wota are certainly up for this- screaming and waving their glowsticks like crazy. So, what the hell is up with those Mickey Mouse ears on Risako? Continue reading

Berryz Kobo – Want!

Really, I think that Tsunkuboy might be trying to get us all to say “Berryz, want!” thinking that it will make every review of this single favorable. Well, I have only listened to this song once and this seems to be a shot in the arm for a group that seemed to be stagnating for a while.

Let’s remember that Berryz have come fresh from their Thai cover song release “Cha Cha Sing”. While it’s doubtful that any Berryz song will light the world on fire, it seemed to me that the song was very easily dismissed by most fans. The girls in their traditional looking outfits didn’t make for good cover. What do the girls have in store for us here?

Continue reading

Cat’s Eye 7 PV

I’m not going to speak like I’m much of an expert here … even though I’ve seen my fair share of H!P kids (how about that Berikyu?) I still feel like I don’t know them all that well.  From what I can tell, this is a subgroup that was formed to promote the play “Cat’s Eye,” in which the members of Cat’s Eye participate.  So let me get this straight: the play is called “Cat’s Eye,” the song is called “Cat’s Eye” and the group is called Cat’s Eye 7?  Something about art their sisters and a revolving cast?  Alright then, let’s take a look

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIU1ar0ILOc]

more after the jump Continue reading