A Viewing of the “Coupling Collection 2” DVD

My “Coupling Collection 2” posts are not finished! I just spent the last couple of nights viewing the live DVD that accompanies the Box Set. Some real gem performances are included here. Now, if you’re a freak who watches every Morning Musume release, than these performances will be nothing new. But, if you are more casual than that, some of these might be surprising.

starting with Aishite Aishite Ato Ippun

This performance really drives home how much Reina grew as a singer in the last few years. Oh, and of course Sayu got better, too. And gosh, Niigaki performed with so much attitude!
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Ikuta Erina 16th Birthday Event

Look at that! Another event for Ikuta Erina! AND, we have audio clips from the event! Even though she is virtually absent in every Morning Musume single, this girl manages to wrangle up solo events for her wota. Eripon has managed a solo bus tour in Hawaii, her infamous Niigaki Risa bus tour Wotapon extravaganza (OK, that was really a Niigaki event), and the Niigaki fan club event (also a Niigaki event). Am I forgetting any other events? Continue reading

Q-ki Photobook Handshakes

File under “Events I didn’t attend because I don’t live in Japan”

It’s no secret that I ADORE the Morning Musume 9th generation. Because of this, I keep track of their activities, like the Handshake event at Fuke Bookstore (the Shinjuku Subnard Store). I envy each and every one of the attendees. This is just one more event where I didn’t get to see the lovely Eripon and the rest of the Q-ki. Here are a few more of the images from the event.
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When idols karaoke

Part of the gold mine of idol watching is finding moments when your favorites are unguarded and acting genuine.  If you’ve been watching this stuff for long enough, you will have the realization that the public persona that they display is not necessarily their real life persona.  That’s part of what I like about this video (found on tumblr)

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