Toobin #2- Hello! Station 60, UF Licks 58

Another week, another edition of Toobin. This week, I’m treated to some LoVendoR, Bitter & Sweet, Sato no Akari, Morning Musume ’14, and S/mileage. Along the way we have some KanaTomo the sadist, Hatsune Miku for Juice=Juice gen 2, and Eripon choosing disgusting canned food.

Let’s GO!

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A Viewing of the “Coupling Collection 2” DVD

My “Coupling Collection 2” posts are not finished! I just spent the last couple of nights viewing the live DVD that accompanies the Box Set. Some real gem performances are included here. Now, if you’re a freak who watches every Morning Musume release, than these performances will be nothing new. But, if you are more casual than that, some of these might be surprising.

starting with Aishite Aishite Ato Ippun

This performance really drives home how much Reina grew as a singer in the last few years. Oh, and of course Sayu got better, too. And gosh, Niigaki performed with so much attitude!
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Hello! Station 18- A Viewer’s Guide

Honey is back for her second week! Highlights this week are the premiere of S/mileage’s “Yattaruchan” (which I really like) and a metric ton of backstage footage from the Hello! Project concerts. Let’s get started! Continue reading

Hello! Station 17- A Viewer’s Guide

Another week, another Hello! Station. If I seem to be writing these later and later each week, it’s because of my real life getting in the way of my wota life. Hopefully my schedule will clear up as we reach summertime!

The next host for Hello! Station is the newly minted subleader for Morning Musume- Iikubo Haruna. You know her, the one who looks a bit like a mantis, Continue reading

Hello! Station 16- a Viewer’s Guide

Another week of Nakanishi Kana! This edition is packed with performances, and like last week, Kanana keeps the action coming at a decent pace. These performances seem to all come from Hello! Project’s recent Premium Live at Hibiya.
Opening to Hibiya premium live. Not much to say.

5:05 things get rolling with the new Kenshuusei/Juice single. I didn’t expect Continue reading

Morning Musume on the Tracks

Yesterday, Morning Musume had an event at Shibuya Ekiato. Reports say the two thousand person venue was a full house. That’s right … 2000 Continue reading

Hello! Station 12 – A Viewer’s Guide

Thhis week’s host is again Michishige Sayumi, and is particularly heavy on the Morning Musume- for obvious reasons. Sayu gives a shout out and a thank you for (“Brainstorming/Kimi Sae …” success on the Oricon charts. 94, 037 people on the dance floor y’all!
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Brainstorming magazine photos

First off, congratulations to the Morning Musume! There are currently 73,512 people on the dance floor and counting. The drop-off between the first and second day sales was significant, so they will need some great numbers in the coming days to break 100K.

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Hello! Station 11- A Viewer’s Guide

This week’s host is Michishige Sayumi. There’s certainly nothing wrong with staring at her for a half-hour, is there? Otherwise, this episode has less to offer than previous episodes. The popular solo songs have not made a return. There are a couple of performances to whet your appetite.
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