Toobin #3- Hello! Station 62, The Girls Live 13

Hello Station 62

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Toobin #2- Hello! Station 60, UF Licks 58

Another week, another edition of Toobin. This week, I’m treated to some LoVendoR, Bitter & Sweet, Sato no Akari, Morning Musume ’14, and S/mileage. Along the way we have some KanaTomo the sadist, Hatsune Miku for Juice=Juice gen 2, and Eripon choosing disgusting canned food.

Let’s GO!

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Toobin #1 – Hello Station 59

I enjoy live tweeting my idol viewing. Is that so wrong? In a lazy, blatant rip-off of idolminded’s wonderful daily column, I present my tweets to you.

Here’s what went down when I watched Hello Station #59.

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