Hello! Station 26- A Viewer’s Guide

I don’t remember the last time anticipation for a Hello! Station was this intense. As the release date for Morning Musume’s 54th single nears, this anticipation only heightened. Last week, Hello! Station played the dance shot for “Ai no Gundan”. A concert rip of “Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke” appeared following the summer Hello! Project concerts over the weekend. Earlier, Tsunku coyly hinted that the PV for “Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke” would air on H!S 26, then a preview of the PV aired on Japanese television. This morning “staff” tweeted that problems delayed the release of this episode by a few hours. Can you feel the anticipation building? You wanted it; you got it. Continue reading

Hello! Station #25- A Viewer’s Guide

Welcome to another Hello! Station! This week we get a kyuukie Morning Musume: Suzuki Kanon. If you follow along with the H!P community, then you know that anticipation has been building for this episode. Speculative fans presume at least some of the new Morning Musume PVs will get a debut. Continue reading

Hello! Station 23- A Viewer’s Guide

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of Tsunku growing up a little. In a Young Town interiew Tsunku implies that he sees all of the H!P members as daughters and couldn’t think of them in “that way”. He also notes that the girls’ parents have entrusted their daughters to him implying that Tsunku is in loco parentis.  What does this have to do with Hello! Station?  Nothing.

Hagiwara Mai takes the chair this week fresh from the announcement of her new photobook.  Seeing Mai grow from a young girl in the public eye certainly gives Tsunku’s comments some weight.  If you were around to see MaiMai as a munchkin with gigantic sunglasses, then you know it’s difficult to see her as anything more than the beautiful young woman into which she has grown. Continue reading

Hello! Station #22- A Viewer’s Guide

S/mileage’s Takeuchi Akari gets us going this week as the latest host. How do I feel about Take-chan? When I watched the S/mileage 2nd gen auditions, I favorited Take-chan pretty early because of her experience and her interesting voice. Her control did not improve very much since her induction into S/mileage, and she lost ground to Meimi and Kana in my internal rankings. Not to mention her lips- they bother me. Akari doesn’t waste any time and tosses us quickly to C-ute. Ladies and gentlemen, we have … Continue reading

Hello! Station #21 – A Viewer’s Guide

This 21st edition of Hello! Project Station brings us S/mileage’s Takeuchi Akari for host. Take-chan was one of my initial favorites from the S/mileage second generation auditions, but my favoritism was based mainly on her experience as an Egg. For a while, I got a little bored with her and her wild singing voice. Her performance in “Yattaruchan” brought my opinion of her up a little.
Continue reading

Hello! Station 20 – A Viewer’s Guide

This is a change. From all I’ve been reading on twitter, Hello! Station #20 episode is packed with PVs! Well, I’ll be writing a long form review for two of the PV’s in this episode, so don’t expect more than a few words in this viewer guide. Continue reading

Hello! Station 18- A Viewer’s Guide

Honey is back for her second week! Highlights this week are the premiere of S/mileage’s “Yattaruchan” (which I really like) and a metric ton of backstage footage from the Hello! Project concerts. Let’s get started! Continue reading

Hello! Station 17- A Viewer’s Guide

Another week, another Hello! Station. If I seem to be writing these later and later each week, it’s because of my real life getting in the way of my wota life. Hopefully my schedule will clear up as we reach summertime!

The next host for Hello! Station is the newly minted subleader for Morning Musume- Iikubo Haruna. You know her, the one who looks a bit like a mantis, Continue reading

Hello! Station 16- a Viewer’s Guide

Another week of Nakanishi Kana! This edition is packed with performances, and like last week, Kanana keeps the action coming at a decent pace. These performances seem to all come from Hello! Project’s recent Premium Live at Hibiya.
Opening to Hibiya premium live. Not much to say.

5:05 things get rolling with the new Kenshuusei/Juice single. I didn’t expect Continue reading

Hello Station 14 – A Viewer’s Guide

I know I shouldn’t, but I feel a little bad that I didn’t get this out yesterday. I know the ten people reading this are probably super-bummed out that I’m late on the viewer’s guide and had to watch the whole episode. Cruelty, right?

Anyways, we get another week of Captain at the helm, so let’s enjoy, eh?
First we get some Berryz Koubou performing their new single “Golden Chinatown”. The wota are certainly up for this- screaming and waving their glowsticks like crazy. So, what the hell is up with those Mickey Mouse ears on Risako? Continue reading