Christmas Idol Heaven – Young Gangan 2015 No.24

You remember Christmas Idol Heaven last year, right? Well, we got the same thing going on in 2015, with some of the more popular idols in idoldom lending their assistance. Santa’s little helpers indeed!
Let’s get things started!

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Fukumura Mizuki in Young Gangan Oct. 2, 2015 No. 19

The fall season is barely upon us, and Fuku-hime reminds us of the warmer sunnier days of the past. No complaints. Mizuki is a blessing no matter which way you look at it.

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Fukumura Mizuki in Young Gangan 2015 No. 7

Rejoice! Fukumura Mizuki completed one of the last rite’s of passage into adulthood by successfully completing high school. High school is a tough road for everybody, and it must be especially so for someone with a busy idol schedule like Fuku-chan. We can all celebrate Fuku-leader’s high school diploma with a nice set of Continue reading

Morning Musume jump!

Not much here, just the girls jumping on trampolines … if you like that sort of thing.  Not that they jump for anybody: this is the “Making Of” for their Young Gangan magazine shoot.  You can see the individual results (thanks to tumblr) here:

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