A Look at Blue Rose

I don’t know why I waited so long. “Blue Rose” was sitting on top of my bookcase for a month or so unopened. I think I wanted to make looking at this unboxing an event or something- I don’t know. What I know now is all I accomplished was a month (or so) depravation of Sayumi goodness.

Look at this dress. Look how the light practically emanates from Sayumi. Moving on to the back cover. She’s wearing a simple outfit that accentuates her simple nature. She’s practically saying, “Hey, its just little ol’ me from Yamaguchi”

The pastoral theme is continued in the next few pages with more of Sayu on the fields and indoors wearing a goal design.

Then the bikinis come out.

Try not to imagine too much …

I would follow you anywhere!

Dat Sayu tummy

Had enough of the blue bikini? Here’s a frilly floral bikini!

I don’t think this is technically long enough to be called a skirt.

A nice look at the detailed intricacy of the outfit …


She’s got a string, and she’s gonna pull it!

“Are you being perverted?! I’m shocked!”

Another outfit that is ill qualified to be a dress.

I’ve seen a picture like this before …

I actually love these pictures of Sayu with the oversized cardigan. She looks homey, yet irresistibly sexy.

She may need someone to cuddle with her.

Really, if you enjoy this preview you should consider buying this photobook, and/or Mille-Feuille. Sayumi will not disappoint you!


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