Makino Maria in Young Magazine 2017.03.20 no. 14

Well, the 12th generation image girl is definitely growing up nicely. This latest set of photos shows off a bit of her (errrr) adult side(?) Honestly, if you haven’t seen these photos yet (they’ve been all over twitter), YOU WILL HAVE YOUR BRAIN MELTED. Morning Musume may have just found another regular for the gravure magazines.
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The Future of Hello Project Weekly Shounen Sunday 2016 no. 24

Always be wary of such a sweeping title. But, in this case Weekly Shounen Sunday may have things just about right with this selection of girls from Hello! Project.
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Makino Maria in Young Jump no. 47

The lovely 12th generation Morning Musume member graces us with some lovely photos from the latest Young Jump magazine. The baseball freak couldn’t resist posing with a ball and glove! Maria is as cute as ever, and finally fulfilling her role as “the cute one”.

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Michishige Sayumi Photobook Retrospective Part 3

It’s about time for me to continue this series on the LOVELY Michishige Sayumi’s photobooks. As things stand right now, of all the Morning Musume girls, Sayu is the most Morning Musume-est. This might trouble the people who really think that Morning Musume is a singing group first and foremost. I’m one of those people who believe that if you are turning to idol music for examples of musical artistry, then you are (mostly) misinformed about idols. But then again, this little rant is neither here nor there. I want to celebrate the beauty that is Sayumin- the Sayunator destroyer of all that is un-kawaii.

Let’s look at the next two photobooks: “LOVE LETTER” and “20- July 13”. Sayumi really hits her groove in these two books. Her unaltered black locks frame a magical face that straddles the line between “cute” and “gorgeous”.

[2008.09.25] LOVE LETTER
This cover is gorgeous. Look in her eyes for a while. Look at her lips. Melt.

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