Tsugunaga Momoko – the Last Photobook previews

You should be aware by now that Tsugunaga Momoko, the longtime Hello! Project presence, Berryz Koubou member, and Country Girls playing manager, graduates from H!P and the public eye on June 30, 2017. Post-graduation plans for the idol include a career in education (just think about Momochi with kindergartners …). But, before she makes her way to the Idol Hall of Fame, she graces us with one last photobook: “Momochi”.

And, here are the previews (presumably from FLASH March 7, 2017 and UTB April 2017, both linked below)

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Concerning Tsugunaga Momoko [English] [Japanese]


Tsugunaga Momoko Last Photobook
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UTB (Up to Boy) April 2017
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FLASH March 7, 2017
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Cheeky Parade “CPGB – Cheeky Parade Gallery Bomb”

Sharing with you : photos of Cheeky Parades visual book “CPGB – Cheeky Parade Gallery Bomb” which documents their trip to New York in 2014. These aren’t professional scans. Me + Cheeky Parade + iPhone = preview post. I don’t know how much you’ll mind- I don’t see any scans of this book anywhere.

Hopefully these photos will entice you to attend Cheeky Parade’s visit to Los Angeles on October 16-18. I see three dates: October 16 at UTB Hall in Hollywood, and October 17-18 at Japan Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center. More information.

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Sasaki Rikako “Rikako” [Photobook]

You know, I’ve been a fan of Sasaki Rikako since a bit before her days as a Hello! Project trainee. Her story as a refugee of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and floods is staggering. The story becomes more insane when you find out Rikako became an idol (in the local group SCK Girls) because her parents wanted singing and dancing to cheer her up from the lose of her family’s house and fishery.

Well, none of her rise to fame wouldn’t be possible if she wasn’t so darn cute.

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Fukumura Mizuki in Young Gangan 2015 No. 7

Rejoice! Fukumura Mizuki completed one of the last rite’s of passage into adulthood by successfully completing high school. High school is a tough road for everybody, and it must be especially so for someone with a busy idol schedule like Fuku-chan. We can all celebrate Fuku-leader’s high school diploma with a nice set of Continue reading

Miyamoto Karin new photobook “Karin”

Before we continue with Miyamoto Karin, let’s have some real talk. Karin-chan-sama is a very talented, cute little idol. However you perceive her, I hope you are ignited by the spark of inspiration that an idol can impart on her fans. If you enjoy looking at the adorable Karin-chan-sama, you really should buy her photobook. I did. You know that an idol’s popularity is partly gauged by the success of these books- the number of hits on my little website isn’t going to mean anything to the bean counters at Hello! Project. In a very real way, your support for Karin, or any idol, is shown by the popularity of her/their goods. So please: SUPPORT YOUR FAVORITE IDOLS. That’s all.

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Okunaka Makoto “Good bye my life” Photobook

This is my care package part 2 post (you can read part 1A here and part 1B here)

This is my third photobook purchase featuring Makocchan, so I still have a complete set. I wonder what it is about her that compels me buy. She’s not the best at anything idol related: I can think of many more attractive, more talented, and more interesting idols just off the top of my head (including some girls in her own group!). Makoto is little, cute, and has a childlike quality to her. She reminds me of the shy girl who sits in the back of class, but who everyone knows is strange. This character is difficult to sell. I’ve always believed that if PASSPO had girls with more traditional idol qualities they would sell better. But, then again they wouldn’t be PASSPO, right?

Not to say that she isn’t GORGEOUS…

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