Uemura Akari in UTB

I’m sorry, there’s something hot about trailer parks. You probably didn’t know that I grew up in a town that was close to trash with lots and lots of trailers and motels. I’m not saying that trailer park people are trash. Salt of the earth, really.

Uemu is growing up nicely, right? I wonder why she decided to pick up a trumpet for this photoshoot?

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Beauty Shots

Some very artistic photographs of various idols were recently brought to my attention. These all come from the website Beauty News Tokyo. I don’t know anything about the website other than the pretty models they use! So are you ready?

We start with Super Girls’s Goto Aya. This looks to me like it was ripped from Akira. You know the part with all the stuffed animals?
 photo GotoAyaSuperGirls01_zps938f9265.jpg
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Morning Musume jump!

Not much here, just the girls jumping on trampolines … if you like that sort of thing.  Not that they jump for anybody: this is the “Making Of” for their Young Gangan magazine shoot.  You can see the individual results (thanks to tumblr) here:

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Maimi x Airi

Maimi x Airi 1

You know, when I started writing this site, I told myself that I wouldn’t write a lot about bikini photo shoots and magazine spreads. Now look at me. At least I have good reason. These pictures of Maimi and Airi at an outdoor shower are the freakin’ bomb. It’s leaving the cute territory and heading toward HAWT-land. Check them out, please!

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