A Hello! Project (FAN) election

Just a quick impetus for what I believe is a nice idea.

A thread on Hello! Online has been started to rank all the current Hello! Project girls.  I plan on getting my act together and voting today, when I am not busy.  You can’t vote for favorites Gaki (sorry Ikuta) nor can you vote for Ai.  Mano Erina can still receive your votes; and Karin can receive your vote as well, should you desire.  Mogi cannot receive a vote- she has left the building.  You can vote for current H!P trainees but not graduates (as of December 2012 it appears).  I encourage everyone to vote as well!


Vote here: http://www.hello-online.org/index.php?/topic/23830-hello-project-2012-general-election/


I’ll post my list in the comments.  Please post your list here as well!