Mano Erina News! (updated: more pics)

To catch us up: I love some Mano Eri. I wrote in great length about her Hello! Project career here, here, and here. And now for you anime fans, she is starring in the next Patlabor movie, “THE NEXT GENERATION~ Patlabor“.

AND, we have an awesome new pictorial of the lovely talent in the February UTB. Pictures follow
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The Mano Erina Post (number 3)

This article will finish out this series on the career of Mano Erina in Hello! Project.  At the time, I was feeling some Mano fatigue.  To this point, her career is best categorized as “uneven.”  When she was on her game, her singles were the kinds of singles that brighten a sad wota’s day.  Erina’s smile got her a free pass on her weaker singles, but this was wearing thin.

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The Mano Erina Post (number 2)

Picking up where I left off, Mano Erina’s graduation prompted me to take a good look at the career of the idol who I have seen grow from indie releases to idol graduation.  At this point in my story, I am on an idol high from Mano Erina’s “Sekai wa Summer Party” release.

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The Mano Erina post (number 1)

I woke up this morning, and Mano Erina was no longer a member of Hello! Project.  This is a shame for a few reasons.  Firstly, Mano was finally breaking out of the virginal idol image and looking like a smoking hot young woman.  This may (or may not) be a loss to all of us.  Second, Mano began her solo career right around the same time that my obsession with idols began.  Seeing her graduate closes a significant chapter in my life.  I may not have been the most vocal Mano Erina fan, but I did appreciate her looks, her enthusiasm, and her contributions to the idol scene.  I have now seen the full cycle of an idol’s career.

I’m going to spend the next few posts going through Mano’s singles and PVs for old times sake.   I am not starting with her tenure in Ongaku Brilhantes; I am starting with her first indies release: Mano Piano.

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Gonna miss Mano Erina

Mano Erina was the first idol I ever saw live- during the “Kai Ki- Tales of Terror” premiere here in Los Angeles in 2010.  I remember that she was more beautiful in person than I could have imagined.  One of first idol events on the timeline that I remember was the announcement of Mano Erina’s solo career.    I remember seeing Erina’s backup dancers become S/mileage, her once-trademarked piano slowly get left behind, and her hair shockingly cut down.  Soon I will see her say goodbye to the idol life- and the circle will complete itself.  I’ll probably write more about Mano Erina as her graduation comes closer- I’m thinking about highlighting my favorite Mano videos.  For now, enjoy the photos of this stunningly gorgeous young lady.

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A Hello! Project (FAN) election

Just a quick impetus for what I believe is a nice idea.

A thread on Hello! Online has been started to rank all the current Hello! Project girls.  I plan on getting my act together and voting today, when I am not busy.  You can’t vote for favorites Gaki (sorry Ikuta) nor can you vote for Ai.  Mano Erina can still receive your votes; and Karin can receive your vote as well, should you desire.  Mogi cannot receive a vote- she has left the building.  You can vote for current H!P trainees but not graduates (as of December 2012 it appears).  I encourage everyone to vote as well!


Vote here:


I’ll post my list in the comments.  Please post your list here as well!