Berryz Kobo – Want!

Really, I think that Tsunkuboy might be trying to get us all to say “Berryz, want!” thinking that it will make every review of this single favorable. Well, I have only listened to this song once and this seems to be a shot in the arm for a group that seemed to be stagnating for a while.

Let’s remember that Berryz have come fresh from their Thai cover song release “Cha Cha Sing”. While it’s doubtful that any Berryz song will light the world on fire, it seemed to me that the song was very easily dismissed by most fans. The girls in their traditional looking outfits didn’t make for good cover. What do the girls have in store for us here?

The song starts of with more of the synthy sounds that are all the rage in Hello! Land. The following electro beats and deep bass sounds do not come as a surprise. I say that, but it’s also nice to hear a distinct bass sound. The girls sing the chorus, which consists of of the same melodic line repeated while the chords shift underneath. This is nice for getting a melody stuck in the head.

The verses, similar to the chorus, consist of the same line repeated on top of the chord changes and a funkier beat and electronic blips.  When the melody transitions to a sparser rhythm, the beat  also transforms and alternates with a driven disco beat.  Even though this melody might eventually lodge itself in my cerebral cortex, it really is much of nothing.

But then, what are they wearing?

Clearly the point here is to admire the legs. The presence of the “absolute zone” is difficult to ignore, especially when garters are thrown in the mix. You know, I remember when these girls were still wearing monkey suits; but since most of them are now close-to or past 20 I should probably allow this. It’s also a bit ridiculous to point out how silly these outfits seem. There are silver, dangling epaulettes and  earrings; oversized silver cross necklaces; fingerless gloves; and a strange, swinging belt buckle thing.  And all the while, the eye of Mordor watches from behind the dance shot.

The dance consists of some rhythmic arm swinging coupled with robot moves and awkward leg positioning- pretty much standard.  I don’t hate it, but I’m not in love with it either.  They do have the “mounting the horse” stance that drives me bat shit cray, so 10 points from Berryz.

The next set of the video is a heptagonal stage done up to look like seven rooms.  The girls are shown in the different settings lounging and looking like they do.

The Risako/red chair room.

The Miya sunshine room

The Maasa/Yurina pink daybed room

The Momo knows her alphabet room

The Captain/Chinami purple rug room

The Yurina powder blue bedroom

And the Yurina jungle-love room (giantess is everywhere).

I suppose some would complain that there is only one costume for this PV.  My god, “the girls are using the same costume in both sets!  How CHEAP!”  In my opinion, I don’t care.  It seems to be only in the idol world where the variety and number of costuming is counted obsessively.  Is it cheap?  Who cares.

Which brings us to the point of the PV.  The girls are displayed attractively in most settings (horse stance notwithstanding).  Captain looks great, Momo looks like Momo, Maasa’s raven hair looks gorgeous, Miya looks alluring, Chinami’s got nice hair, and Yurina has a model’s face and stature, and Risako pouts along with the best of them.

Is this enough?  Will the PV make a lasting impression on the viewer?  This is not going to hold the public conscience like, say “Thriller”. And I’m not suggesting that a PV for a pop single like everything that comes out of Hello! Project needs to be a masterwork.  The bottom line here should be “Does this PV make me like the song more or less than if never existed?”  I think the answer to this last question is “yes.”  This isn’t groundbreaking video-making, and I’m sure this was never intended to be ground breaking.  And by extrapolation, I suppose NOTHING in Hello! Project is meant to be groundbreaking.  If nothing else, I like this song a bit more mainly because of this:

Miya really brought her A-game to this shoot.  In almost every thing we see from her, she is playful and a bit sexy.

It’s in the way she makes eye contact with the camera.  Rather than make the “sexy face” for the camera on every close-up, Miya takes her time and almost ignores the camera until the moment when she catches you checking out her bum.

Well, that’s another Berryz Kobo PV in the can.  I’m a bit disappointed that they went with a more traditional route with the PV (dance shot, close up, alternate set, repeat).   I’m glad that the focus is back on the girls.  And, I am still waiting for the PV wherein Berryz Kobo knocks it out of the park.

how about we say goodbye with two girls, on chair?


watch it here!


4 responses

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  2. I quite like the song (except the autotune) and the dance as well, the sets were a little too bright but I guess that’s to make their outfits stand out when you compare the dance set. Surprised that the length of their heels, that really shocked me but I love the dances on Risako, Saki, Yurina and Massa the most.


  3. I would really like to know what was up with the crosses?!?
    I seriously doubt any of them are into Christianity and it had nothing to do with the song.
    So how do they fit in?


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