In praise of Hashimoto Ai

You probably heard and saw me carry on about Hashimoto Ai in this post. This isn’t a new thing for me: I’ve been, ahem, investigating this young actor since I found out she was portraying Misaki Mei in the movie version of the 2012 anime Another. I admit that I am captivated by her looks, and I find her an excellent actress. Things went full circle when Ai was cast as the wannabe idol from a small town, Adachi Yui, in last year’s drama “Amachan”. Really? On of my favorite young actresses cast as an aspiring idol? SLAM DUNK.

Did you want to see Ai act? Perhaps you should rewatch the recent collaboration PVs with Oomori Seiko. If you enjoyed the previous song by Oomori Seiko, She released the continuation PV recently, “Kimi to Eiga”. It’s actually a prequel to “Midnight Seijun Isei Kouyuu”. Here are both PVs.

To the matter at hand. My fandom led me to purchase a Hashimoto Ai photobook! The pictures from “Invisible Gaze” are from Hashimoto Ai in character as Misaki Mei, the spooky waif from Another. I hope you enjoy!

And for convenience, here are some YouTube links for some of Hashimoto Ai’s movies:
Kirishima, Bukatsu Yamerutteyo

Sadako 3D

Amachan (link)

Another (link)

Hard Nut (link)

The movie I couldn’t find, Kokuhaku, is amazing. You need to find this movie (if you enjoy Japanese cinema, of course).

And happy birthday Ai!


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